Learn the idea of ecological civilization and promote the green development of e

Learn the idea of ecological civilization and promote the green development of enterprises
—— Carry out learning activities of Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization to promote green development

In response to the call of the CCP Mianzhu High-tech Industrial Park Working Committee to earnestly study and implement Xi Jinping
s thoughts on ecological civilization and promote green development, on the afternoon of September 15th, all employees

of Zhongqian Heli held a training seminar on learning the thoughts of ecological civilization.

The entire training seminar not only conveyed Xi Jinpings ecological civilization thoughts, but also played "Beautiful China-The Road to Ecological Civilization" to employees through multimedia, so that employees can understand our countrys achievements in the process of ecological civilization construction in a visual way. And the significance of ecological civilization to our society.

Through training seminars, we call on all our employees to start from themselves, save resources, avoid extravagance and waste, and pay attention to the protection of environmental hygiene.

The thought of ecological civilization tells us that lucid water and lush mountains are invaluble assets, and we must treat the ecological environment like life. Zhongqian Heli has been committed to systematic service work such as research, design, manufacturing, and installation of effective application of solar thermal energy in the fields of construction, industry and agriculture. The mission of Zhongqian Heli is to help various industries realize the transformation from fossil energy to renewable energy. Where there is sunshine, there are our products. We are always on the road, contributing our wisdom and power to the construction of ecological civilization and a beautiful China.

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